Huostarter Launchpad

Huostarter IDO Launchpad is a premier platform for (IDOs) in the blockchain space. Focusing on EVM-Based blockchains, such as Ethereum and its Layer 2/3 solutions, Huostarter IDO Launchpad enables projects to raise funds and launch their tokens in a decentralized and community-oriented manner. With comprehensive token sale management tools, investor KYC/AML procedures, and marketing support, Huostarter IDO Launchpad provides a secure and efficient environment for projects to connect with investors and drive their growth. Join Huostarter IDO Launchpad to unlock the potential of your project and engage with a vibrant blockchain community.

IDO Process

Huostarter give maximum limitations only to 3 IDO per month. This is to enable selected IDO project to have good traffics inside our platform. The process of of the IDO is as per below:

Pre-IDO Stages

  1. Key Members of Project team will have an online interview by Huostarter

  2. Huostarter will taking 7-14 Days for the preparations of Pre-IDO stages that includes: + Announcement of IDO + Announcement of Project Utilites and its future Potential + AMA Session with Community + Giveaway Campaign + Moonsheet Announcement

  3. IDO Round and Allocations

How to Participate in IDO?

VIP Members

User have to stake certain amount of fund in Huostarter Private Smart-Contract.

HTE Stakeholders

User have to stake their HTE in the Huostarter Staking Pool. Currently, HTE Staking is exclusively available on the Arbitrum One Blockchain network, offering users the opportunity to earn rewards and secure IDO allocations through staking. By focusing on the Arbitrum One network, Huostarter ensures a streamlined and efficient staking experience, allowing users to maximize their earnings and participation in the platform's offerings.

Whitelist Registrations

Whitelist registration will be opened for every IDO project. Users will be able to register through the IDO detail page inside the Huostarter Launchpad.

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