Huodrops (Airdrop)

Huodrops, initiated by Huostarter, is a unique airdrops program designed to reward the stakeholders and loyal community members of Huostarter's ecosystem. As an integral part of Huostarter's commitment to fostering community engagement and supporting the growth of projects, Huodrops ensures that every IDO project on the platform allocates a portion of their tokens as airdrops to the community.

The primary objective of Huodrops is to recognize and appreciate the support and contributions of the community, who play a vital role in the marketing and development of projects during the Pre-Stage IDO. By distributing airdrop allocations to community members, Huostarter enables them to become direct beneficiaries of the success and potential value appreciation of the projects they actively support.

To be eligible, users must meet all of these criteria, either by becoming HTE stakeholders, Zealy & Galxe rank holders, being active on activity on X, or claiming their loyal community Discord role.

Get your HTE from MEXC and Stake your HTE in Huostarter Staking Vault.

Calculation on Airdrop distribution

  • HTE Stakeholders: 40%

  • Zealy and Galxe Top Rank: 30%

  • Active on X: 20%

  • Discord Role: 10%

Let's say Project A (KOSHKA TOKEN) has allocated $10,000 worth of KOSHKA TOKEN to Huostarter community. Therefore, the distribution will be allocated and shared as follows:

Format: Token Allocations X %

  • HTE Stakeholders: ($10,000 x 40%) = $4,000

  • Zealy and Galxe Top Rank: ($10,000 x 30%) = $3,000

  • Active on X: ($10,000 x 20%) = $2,000

  • Discord Role: ($10,000 x 10%) = $1,000

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